Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Direct Stock Purchase and Distribution Reinvestment Plan

MAA has a Direct Stock Purchase and Distribution Reinvestment Plan, or DRSPP, pursuant to which MAA's shareholders have the ability to reinvest all or a part of their distributions from their shares of MAA common stock, preferred stock or limited partnership interests in Mid-America Apartments, L.P. into shares of MAA common stock.

The plan also provides the opportunity to make optional cash investments of at least $250, but not more than $5,000 in any given month, free of brokerage commissions and charges, in shares of MAA common stock. MAA, in its absolute discretion, may grant waivers to allow for optional cash payments in excess of $5,000. MAA may elect to sell shares under the optional cash feature of the DRSPP at up to a 5% discount.

For more information on MAA's DRSPP see the prospectus.

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